Ultraman Geed Episode 04 Subtitle Indonesia

” Rilis Geed….”

Ultraman Geed Episode 04 Subtitle Indonesia

Synopsis :

Riku Asakura is teenage youth with no knowledge of his past, save being found nearby the astronomical observatory as a baby following an universal cataclysm called the Crisis Impact. When a giant monster destroyed his home, Riku and his alien roommate Pega stumbled upon a secret base 500 meters under Earth. Riku learns he an Ultraman in human form uses Geed Riser and Ultra Capsules, item each containing a fragment of an Ultraman’s power, provided to him by base’s operating system REM to become Ultraman Geed to save everyone. But Riku later learns that he is the son of the instigator of the Crisis Impact: Ultraman Belial, deciding to fight against fate as he is joined by monster hunter Raiha Toba, AIB agent Moa Aisaki, and office worker Reito Igaguri who became the host of Belial’s nemesis Ultraman Zero. Riku would learn that the monsters he faces are Fusion Rise forms of Kei Fukuide who seeks those who are hosts to unformed Ultra Capsules called Little Stars. During the fight with Kei, the secret behind Riku’s birth and Belial’s grand plan will gradually came to light.

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Ultraman Geed Episode 04 Subtitle Indonesia

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