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Ini adalah laman khusus yang menampung semua rilisan reupload dari WizardSub


Ultraman Zero The Movie-The Revenge Of Belial [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman The Next [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Ultraman Tiga Final Oddysey [V1] [4shared] [Solid] [SF] [KB] [UC] [UP]
Ultraman Cosmos the Blue Planet [V1] [EmbedUpload]
Superior 8 Ultra Brothers [V1] [EmbedUpload]
Mega Monster Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Saga Director Cuts [MC] /[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Gaia: The Battle in Hyperspace [V2] [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Ultraman Ginga S The Movie : Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors [MC] [SolidFiles] [TusFiles] [UsersCloud] [KumpulBagi]
Ultraman Tiga Gaiden [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Mebius Gaiden : Hikari Saga Stage I [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Stage II [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Stage III [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Ultraman Mebius Gaiden : Ghost Reverse Stage I [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Stage II [MC][SF][KB][UC][UP]
Ultraman Ginga : Gekijou Special 1 [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Ginga Gekijou Special 2 [Shared] /[MC]/ [GD] / [TF]
Ultraman Zearth Movie 01 [EmbedUpload]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Zearth The Movie 2 [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Gaia : Once Again Gaia [EmbedUpload] /[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Tiga The Movie : The Final Odyssey [V2] [G4U] [MEGA]
Ultraman Dyna Gaiden : The Return of Hanejiro [MC]/ [SF]/ [KB]/ [UC]/ [UP]
Parodi Ultraman [SOLID]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Zero vs Darklops Zero Stage I [ES]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Stage II [MC]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Mebius The Movie : Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Kyodai [4Shared]/[SF]/[KB]/[UC]/[UP]
Ultraman Tiga & Dyna The Warriors Of The Star Of Light [V1] Mediafire
Ultra Zero Fight : Perfect Collection [MC]



Super Hero Taisen GP : Kamen Rider #3 [SolidFiles] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Gaim x Kamen Rider Drive Movie Wars Full Throttle
Kamen Rider Drive x Shuriken Sentai Ninninger SD : [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Agito Special : A New Transformation [MC]
Kamen Rider Ryuki Hyper Battle Video [MC] [Google Drive] [Tusfiles]
Kamen Rider Ryuki Special : 13 Riders [MC] [Google Drive]
Kamen Rider Gaim: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup! HD: KumpulBagi: Part1 | Part2 | Part3
Link SD: [Mirrorcreator]
Kamen Rider X Movie: 5 Rider vs King Dark [MirrorCreator]
Kamen Rider Special! Kelahiran No.10-Semua Kamen Rider Berkumpul! [MirrorCreator]
Kamen Rider World [MEGA] [GD1] [GD2] [KB]
Kamen Rider J [MEGA] [GD1] [GD2] [KB]
Kamen Rider 555 Paradise Lost Director’s Cut [Part1]|[Part2]
Kamen Rider OOO x Den-O x All Riders : Let’s go Kamen Rider -UppIt- -MEGA-
Kamen Rider W Movie A to Z: Unmei no Gaia Memory Director’s Cut -4Shared- -KumpulBagi-
Kamen Rider Wizard x Kamen Rider Fourze Movie War Ultimatum Director’s Cut -MediaFire-
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle
HD | 1GB :
Part 1 || Part 2
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Part 1 || Part 2
Single Link
[Google Drive]
SD | 381MB
Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Kamen Rider Den O Movie Chou Den O Trilogy Episode Yellow [Uppit] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Den O Chou Den O Trilogy Episode Blue [MirrorCreator] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Den-O : Cho Den-O Trilogy Episode Red [MirrorCreator] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Black RX The Movie Stay In the World [TusFiles]
Kamen Rider Decade & W Movie Taisen 2010 Director’s Cut [MediaFire]
Kamen Rider Black Movie 01
Kamen Rider Black Movie 02 Kyoufu! Akuma Touge no Kaijinkan
Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade [Directors Cut] [4Shared] [MF] [KumpulBagi]
Super Hero Taisen Z (2013) [MC] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Den-o The Movie : Farewell Den-O The Final Countdown DC [MF] [MirrorCreator]
Kamen Rider Kiva The Movie King Of The Castle In The Demon World DC [Uptobox] [Google Drive] [Kumpulbagi]
Kamen Rider Decade The Movie : All Rider VS Dai Shockers DC [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Blade The Movie: Missing Ace Director Cut’s Ver. [Uptobox] [Google Drive] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider Den-o X Kamen Rider Kiva : Climax Deka GD Uptobox
Kamen Rider Ryuki Movie : Episode Final Director’s Cut Exoshare Uptobox
Kamen Rider Kabuto Movie : God Speed Love Director Cut’s [MF] [Google Drive] [KumpulBagi]
Kamen Rider W Return Part 2 Kamen Rider Eternal [MF]




Go Go Sentai Boukenger The Movie [MC]
Ressha Sentai Toqger The Movie: Galaxy Line S.O.S [Google Drive] [Mirrorcreator] [Tusfiles] [KumpulBagi]
Power Ranger Wild Force The Movie : Forever Red [MC]
Denji Sentai Megaranger VS Carranger The Movie [Mirrorcreator]
Kyoryuger vs Go Buster: The Great Dinosaur Battle! Link Download:
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3
Single Link:
Engine Sentai Go-Onger The Movie [MC]
Engine Sentai Go-Onger Special DVD [MC]
Power Rangers Turbo Movie [Uptobox]
Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger MirrorUploads



Godzilla.Tokyo.S.O.S.[2003] [MC]
Stand By Me Doraemon [2014] MEGA : [HD] | [SD] | [HEMAT]
Solidfiles : [SD] | [HEMAT]
Tusfiles : [HD] | [SD] | [HEMAT
Kikaider : Reboot [MC]
GARO THE MOVIE: Soukoku No Maryu [MEGA] [Mirrorcreator] [Google Drive]
Metalder Movie [MirrorCreator]
Blue Swat the Movie [MirrorCreator] [Kumpul Bagi]
Tokusou Robo Janperson The Movie [MirrorCreator]
Kidou Keiji Jiban Movie [Exoshare]
Metal Heroes : Jiban Movie [Kumpul Bagi]
Metal Heroes : Metalder Movie [Kumpul Bagi]
Metal Heroes : Janperson Movie [Kumpul Bagi]

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